knoxville thanksgiving turkey


Pre-order your turkey now. Pre-orders receive a FREE seasoning pack. These gorgeous Joyce Farms turkeys are 10-14lb and $7/per lb. We will contact you after you pre-order to confirm and take a deposit. CLICK:

Joyce Farm Heritage Black Turkey is a heritage breed, admitted to APA standard in 1874. It is one of the first to be developed from Native American stocks. In fact, it is believed to be the same breed the Pilgrims feasted on during their first Thanksgiving. This breed is well-suited for foraging, and we raise these special birds on pasture, on a small family farm in North Carolina.


Daily Menu


Oatly Oat Milk $1 • Cruze Farm Whole Milk

Espresso (2oz) $3
Cortado (5oz) $3.5
Cappuccino (8oz) $3.5
Americano (12oz) $3
Cold Brew (16oz) $4
Shaker (16oz Iced Latte) $4
add flavor 50¢
Brown Sugar, Mocha, Honey Lavender, Vanilla, Chai

Single Origin Pour Over Community (30oz) $10 | Single (12oz) $4.5


Fresh OJ $3.5
Horchata $2
Agua Fresca $2
Jarritos $3
Tamarind $2
Hot Tea (Green, Earl Grey)
Jamaica $2
Frog Juice Kombucha $4
Cruse Farm: Whole $3
Cruze Farm Seasonal or Chocolate $3.5


$5 glass

Dom Petite Cassagne Cote de Nimes Rosé
$4 glass/10 bottle
Leon Launois Brut
$40 bottle

Rey de Copas Brut Sparkling
$4 glass/15 bottle

About Our Daily Drink Specials and Beer Selection.


scrambled, fried, poached
Pick Your Potato
squared, smashed
Pick Your Bread
daily bread
VGs English muffin bread
Pick Your Side
smoked pork belly, sage sausage, fried chicken +$1, tempeh bacon (v), tofu chorizo (v)

Tennessee Benedict $12
biscuit, hen+hoc ham, poached egg, smashed potatoes, rushy springs hollandaise

Classic Tacos (2) $9
house made chorizo (pork or tofu), egg, potatoes

Carnita Tostada $10
confit cheshire pork shoulder, frijoles, queso fresco, eggs, salsa roja or verde

OliBea Chicken Biscuit $10
pickle brined fried chicken biscuit, whipped sorghum, chow chow, gravy 

Breakfast Burrito $9
manchamanteles turkey, bacon, potato, egg, cheese, coloradito

Veg Out Monster Burrito $14 (v, gf)
Collards, Crooked Road Farm sweet potato, Carolina gold rice, cashew queso, avo purée, chili oil, scramble egg

“The Problem” Biscuit $8
cheddar biscuit, henhoc sausage patty, scrambled egg, serano jam, cheese

Crispy Tofu Sando! $9(v, gf)
Chipotle Mayo, Mexican pickles, queso omelette, fried pickle-brined tofu on a Big Al’s house bun


Olibea Pancakes $9
lemon and cruze farm buttermilk pancake


Seasonal Fruit $4
Geechie Boys Grits $3.5
Smoked Pork Belly $4
Sage Sausage $3
Tempeh Bacon (v) $4
Tofu Chorizo (v) $4

Farm Eggs $2.5
scrambled, fried, or poached

Organic Potatoes $2
squared or smashed 

olibea biscuit $2
daily bread $3
vg’s english muffin bread $3
lemon pancake $3
daily cookie mkt
daily donut mkt
daily pastry mkt

salsa roja/verde 50¢
herb gravy $1.25
gravy of the day (see board) $1.25
salsa of the day (see board) 50¢
jam of the day (see board) 25¢
fresh butter 25¢
extra dressing 25¢